Gabicce Mare lies between Cattolica (the two towns are divided by a river), the motorway behind the town, which also separates it from the hilly hinterland, and Gabicce Hill. Our hinterland is rich in historical attractions (such as Gradara, Montegridolfo, Montefiore, Urbino) and renowned for excellent wines, especially Sangiovese, whose grapes almost grow near the coast.

How to reach Gabicce Mare...

By Train:

Railway station of Cattolica – San Giovanni – Gabicce Mare 1 Km from center of Gabicce Mare – Taxi and Bus-service

By Car:

Highway A14 from north by Bologna – Exit "Cattolica – San Giovanni – Gabicce Mare". From south by Taranto, Pescara, Ancona and Roma-Pescara. Guarded Parking-place with Shuttle-service.

By Plan:

Bologna Airport: 120 Km Rimini Airport: 20 Km Ancona Airport: 90 Km.